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About Klatz

When you need a professional photoshoot, where do you even start?

To save hours of search and doubts, Klatz gathers professional photographers ready to work on your projects. All you have to do is select the type of photoshoot you need and fill in a brief with the project details. Photographers available in your area will work on your briefs, while we take care of everything else.

Klatz was founded in the hopes of optimizing the workflow for any occasion when you need professional photos. Come to us with your project briefs and we’ll be sure to match a photographer and deliver the final images on time with the highest standards in mind.

In a perfect world, photographers pursue doing what they love most - executing their artistic vision. With Klatz, they make the most of an ideal work arrangement to simply do the photoshoots, while we take on the organization and post-production. Photographers can earn money wherever they are and are always in the know about job opportunities in their region.

Klatz is a platform created by Depositphotos, one of the world’s leading photobanks that has built a reputation with great photography. We wanted to make things simpler and easier for both photographers and clients that need custom solutions and a personalized approach.

Sincerely, The Klatz Team